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Our Hearts to Your Soles

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

We are so happy to be part of a wonderful program - Our Hearts to Your Soles. For those who aren't familiar with this organization, "The mission of Our Hearts to Your Soles is to provide the less fortunate across the United States with shoes and free foot examinations. We believe that proper foot health is an essential part of everyday life and important to an overall health maintenance program" ( This year, we worked with the Light House Mission in Bellingham to help out some of those who were in the most need of footcare (

So, what exactly goes on at an Our Hearts to Your Soles event? According to their site, Our Hearts to Your Soles has been putting on events since February 2006. The general concept and organization of each event have been similar from the beginning. Volunteers first unload the shipments of shoes and arrange them by size. The patient first sees the physician to have a their feet examined in which callouses and toenails are trimmed. Subsequently, the patient is then directed to the pedorthist or volunteer who measures his or her feet, fits the patient with a new pair of shoes, and supplies him or her with one or more pairs of new socks. 

How can I donate to Our Hearts to Your Soles?

Anyone can donate to Our Hearts to Your Soles. For more information, visit the Donation page on their website.


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